Dan Brennan on Friendship-Based Egalitarianism

Today I direct your attention to a post by Dan J. Brennan on cross-sexual friendships in the world of egalitarian evangelicalism.  The Bill Hybels scandal brought to light a huge anxiety in the world of egalitarian evangelicalism:  Men are just not willing to practice one-on-one friendships with women that involve genuine openness, vulnerability, and sharing of power.  Evangelicals generally have no conception of any such cross-sexual relationships unless sex and/or romance is involved, thus fueling the anxiety:  There is no possible way to have that sort of relationship with the opposite sex outside the bounds of marriage without it ending the way it did for Bill Hybels.  In this post and in others in the series, part 2 and part 3, Brennan critiques this anxiety, which he goes so far as to call “benevolent sexism”, and lays out a case for deep, intimate, one-on-one friendship with the opposite sex.

Read:  Friendship as a Foundation: Moving Beyond Bill Hybels and Anxious Egalitarianism by Dan J. Brennan


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