Benjamin L. Corey on American Fundamentalism’s Alarming Comeback

Today I wish to direct your attention to a post by Benjamin L. Corey entitled “How Christian Fundamentalism Is Making A Concerning Comeback In America“.  It first appeared during the height of the 2016 election season yet now is just as poignant as ever, if not more so.

Christian fundamentalism first appeared a century ago.  That movement was rooted in fear–fear of the then-new concept of evolution (replace evolution with gay marriage and you’ll be right where we are today), fear that the nation was growing too liberal and drifting from God and that it would all come crashing down if they didn’t take the nation forcibly back for God–you get the idea.  But fundamentalism eventually drifted to the lunatic fringe and was supplanted by evangelicalism which sought a kinder, gentler approach to attaining many of the same goals as the fundamentalists.

Now here we are a century later and the fundamentalists are suddenly back with a vengeance.  Much is happening in the current climate yet Corey notes 3 items of concern:  Many Christians believe they are “losing” and are panicked as to what that means.  Right-wing extremists who would otherwise have nothing to do with Christian fundamentalism, or Christianity for that matter, are joining the ranks and giving them critical mass.  The leaders of this new fundamentalist movement are telling their followers that they have to do something right now.

When Christian fundamentalism faded into the shadows and focused on building arks and trying to debate scientists, there was little cause for concern and much cause for amusement.

But when those people get panicked? When they begin broadcasting their racism, xenophobia, and homophobia to the masses, and begin finding like-minded people to join them? When they have leaders traveling the country, fanning the flames of fear and warning them that this is their last chance to take control? When they’re no longer content to debate the legitimacy of the King James Version versus the NIV, but instead are focused on how to control the Supreme Court?

Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I’d keep my eye on.