Can I Have My Patheos Blog?

Mark Driscoll is now on Patheos.

Yep, that Mark Driscoll.

The one who built the Mars Hill empire out in Seattle and then ended it all in a horrific grease fire in late 2014, only to skip town, head to Phoenix and reboot.  Though there were serious charges of plagiarism, serious concerns about his leadership style, serious concerns about his handling of church finances, serious concerns about his message and tone, he nevertheless moved on to a new city, pronounced himself fit for ministry, and got right back into the saddle.  And now he’s on Patheos.

So when do I get my Patheos blog?  Because if Mark Driscoll gets one then the bar is clearly low enough that I ought to qualify.  If any of you, dear readers, knows somebody over at Patheos, could you hook me up?  Please?  Pretty please?

Jonathan Aigner at Ponder Anew gives his thoughts on Driscoll’s move to Patheos.  Heads up:  He’s not too impressed.