Franklin Graham on Russia

Today I direct your attention to a quote which appeared on Franklin Graham’s Facebook page.

First, to all you Donald Trump supporters out there:  Feel perfectly free to comment as you wish, if you wish to do so.  Just know this:  My views on Donald Trump are clear to anyone who has been tracking with me regularly.  They have been clear ever since all this began and they have not changed; if anything I am now more convinced in my position than I ever was before.  There is nothing you or anyone else can say, nor any way in which you can say it, which will cause me to suddenly see the error of my ways and join you in your wholehearted and unwavering support of Donald Trump.  So you will basically just be exposing yourselves.  If you’re okay with that, then hey, have at it.

Now then.  The quote:

This whole debate about Russia influencing our elections is a giant smokescreen. The progressive socialists had plans for our country and Donald J. Trump disrupted those plans. They were sure he would lose the presidential election. They are still infuriated and want to keep President Trump and his administration distracted so they will not be able to pass the tax reform, healthcare reform, and immigration reform we need so badly. They also want to keep the American people distracted. They would rather see the country spiral downward than for problems to be fixed.

I shall now translate for you:  Hey liberals (and by that he means anyone who is not a wholehearted, unwavering Trump supporter), GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR WAY and let our Donald Trump enact his policies because the only thing that can solve our problems and the world’s problems is a good hard dose of Donald Trump.

As to the Russia thing:  The idea of a foreign power being able to influence our electoral process ought to at least give us pause.  It didn’t affect the outcome of the election this time (we lucked out), but next time it might.  We have got to make sure there is no next time.

But this is bigger than Russia.  This is about a prominent Christian leader saying to a large group of the American populace, in effect, “You are the reason for the problems which our country faces today.  You are trying to keep us distracted and keep our country distracted so our guy cannot enact his agenda.  You would rather see our nation spiral downhill than see problems be solved.”

People:  Think about this from the perspective of “What does love require of me?”  Can you make a convincing case that what love requires of Franklin Graham is to accuse a vast segment of the American populace of being the reason for our nation’s problems and wanting to see these problems get worse instead of be fixed, because they do not share his wholehearted and unwavering support of Donald Trump?  (We have already covered multiple times the question of whether love requires you to support a leader whose agenda is one of unmitigated anger and hatred for all who are not privileged white straight Christian males.  Answer:  No.)  Can you make a convincing case that what love requires of you and what love requires of me is to support prominent Christian leaders who make statements like Franklin Graham’s?

Didn’t think so.


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