Are Genital Preferences Bigoted?

And today we move from the absurd and outlandish to the just plain wack.

Question, which you have probably never considered before in your life:  If you are attracted to women but not to women with penises, are you bigoted?  More to the point, are you transphobic, or as this person would say, “cissexist”?  Take a gander at this, if you dare.  If you can make it through the whole thing and follow the logic here, you have my undying admiration.

Also along this vein (sort of):  Allow me to direct your attention to Skeptic Magazine, which recently got a hoax article published in a peer-reviewed academic journal.  The article was entitled “The conceptual penis as a social construct”.  The authors stuffed it chock full of complete nonsense and left-wing academic jargon and then proceeded to get it published in the journal Cogent Social Sciences.  One can only hope that the authors are successful in their stated goals of reining in the excesses of left-wing, postmodernist academia, especially in areas like gender studies.


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