Jonathan Merritt on Why We Need Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker is an evangelical author who has taken a tremendous amount of heat from the powers-that-be in evangelicalism because she actually has kind words for gays.  Of course she did not deny any historical doctrine of the Christian faith or promote any historical heresy, she merely stated that her honest reading of Scripture has led her to a different place with respect to same-sex relationships.  But this is where we are in evangelicalism:  Neo-Reformed Calvinism is the new black and one of its worst tendencies is to seize upon some minor point of belief and make it suddenly the linchpin on which all of Christianity stands or falls.  Today that issue is homosexuality.  (God knows what it will be tomorrow.)  Hatmaker ran afoul of the evangelical establishment on that issue so now she is persona non grata.

But guess what?  There are a surprising amount of evangelicals and even evangelical leaders running around out there who actually agree with her.  They won’t say so, not publicly at least, because their standing within evangelicalism and thus their livelihood is at stake.  So they just avoid the issue altogether in most cases, or in some cases lie about what they believe.

It took courage for Hatmaker to speak out knowing what the outcome would be.  We desperately need her, and others like her, to speak out for the sake of those who cannot and/or will not because the price they would pay is too great, and to make evangelicalism a safe place for those whose opinions on less-than-essential issues is at variance with the ruling elite.

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