You Don’t Need Chapter and Verse for This

In the previous post we looked at typical evangelical ways of handling Scripture.  Scripture is the product of a specific people at a specific time and in a specific cultural context, yet is also a living Word that speaks to us today.  Yet evangelical ways of handling Scripture do violence to this, reducing Scripture to a set of propositional truths covering everything from theology of atonement to proper financial management, all with chapter and verse to back it up.  Today we shall zero in on a specific issue, namely the question of whether young children go to heaven, and how a specific subset of evangelicalism, the Neo-Reformed, would approach this.

Last week Mark Driscoll did a daily devotion addressing this subject.  He comes to a good enough conclusion:  “I do not have a clear biblical answer as much as I have God who is a loving and gracious Father whom I trust.”  But the process by which he gets there…ugh.  It is as if truth does not exist unless it is in the book, spelled out explicitly, with chapter and verse to back it up.  Who needs a “clear biblical answer” on whether or not an infant who dies is safe in God’s care?  Based on what you know of the character of God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ, you already know.  Can you even begin to imagine that the same God who is revealed to us in Jesus Christ, could damn an infant to eternal suffering and be just in doing so?

For some things, you don’t need chapter and verse.  You already know.


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