John Pavlovitz on the Naked Hypocrisy of an Evangelical Disney Boycott

ICYMI:  Disney is coming out with a live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, which will feature an openly gay character.  Evangelicals are all up in arms right now, and many are loudly calling for boycotts of Disney.

This is not surprising.  The Baptists have been boycotting Disney for years, decades even, for a variety of reasons.  So when the news dropped that the Religious Right was calling for yet another boycott of Disney– *yawn*.

Except that this time things are different.  You see, the people who are screaming loudest for a boycott of Disney right now are the very same people who just elected a racist, misogynistic tyrant, the most spectacularly unqualified candidate ever to seek public office, a man who is the complete opposite of anything even remotely connected to Jesus, to the highest office in the land.

Herein lies a monumental disconnect:  An openly gay character playing a feature role in a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast is somehow more of a threat to children and families than a racist, misogynistic President and pussy-grabbing and “golden showers” and an endless, torrential firehose of orders and decisions targeting the weakest and most vulnerable among us–those who, I feel compelled to note, are especially the focus of God’s care and concern.

Think about that, people:  To condemn a gay movie character in the name of so-called “Biblical morality” while supporting a foul-mouthed sexual predator, an unapologetic, reprehensible, amoral monster who is the exact opposite of anything even remotely connected to Jesus–is that not the epitome of rank hypocrisy?

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