Fr. Stephen Freeman: History Was Not Changed

Today I direct your attention to a post from Fr. Stephen Freeman.  Freeman is one of the largest and most influential Eastern Orthodox bloggers, and he blogs at Glory to God for All Things.

It is a common sentiment that the resurrection of Jesus Christ changed history.  It did not, argues Freeman.  Instead, the resurrection revealed the true nature of history as the unfolding of God’s redemptive work to restore all things to Himself.

We moderns take a view of history which says the only things that matter are great men and events, economic and cultural forces.  Lost in all of this are the millions, perhaps billions, of human lives lived out on earth and the minute-by-minute details of their existence.  It should not be surprising, then, when some modern scholars attempt to argue that Jesus never existed because there are no written records of him.  It also should not be surprising that the life of Jesus would escape the notice of scholars trained to believe that only great men and events matter.

The resurrection of Jesus relativizes all of human history.  It is the only event that matters.  All other events, no matter how mundane, no matter how momentous, gain significance only from their relationship to this one event.

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