Worship Singers Needed – Fat People Need Not Apply

Unfortunately I am not making this up.

One of the downsides of contemporary worship in this day and age is this ever-increasingly prevalent expectation that you look the part if you intend to sing on stage.  A non-denominational church out in Oregon has published a set of guidelines for worship team members that takes this tendency and ratchets it up several notches.  It caused quite a stir last week when it appeared on the Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook page.

Jonathan Aigner at Ponder Anew has written a piece which is highly critical of the document as well as this unfortunate tendency in evangelical worship at large.  It is very rarely spelled out in excruciating detail as it is at this particular church, but the emphasis on looking the part is very much a part of contemporary evangelical worship, and it has caused tremendous harm to the enterprise of worship in evangelicalism.

Read: Worship Team Wanted: Fat People Need Not Apply by Jonathan Aigner