Charisma Magazine: Tim Tebow’s Prayers Stop a Massive Seizure

ICYMI (that’s “In Case You Missed It” for those of you who are not millennials or otherwise familiar with the ways millennials express themselves via texting and social media):  Tim Tebow has signed with the New York Mets and is now attempting to work his way up through their farm system.

After a recent game, Tebow was signing autographs when a fan collapsed from a major epileptic seizure.  Tebow stayed with him and prayed with him until help arrived.

Not content to simply report the story and let an opportunity to promote their theological outlook go by, Charisma jumped all over it:

Tebow sprang into action and laid hands on the man, praying for his healing and comforting him until paramedics arrived.

The violent seizure reportedly stopped moments after Tebow prayed with him. The miraculous healing had many people take to social media expressing their amazement at the power of prayer.

You can read the full story here.