John Pavlovitz on the Trendy Heresy of Evangelical Trump Supporters

Today I direct your attention to a post from John Pavlovitz in which he critiques the hypocrisy of many evangelicals who support Donald Trump.  Many evangelicals are quick to distance themselves relationally from those who hold views at variance with the prevailing evangelical orthodoxies on issues like gay marriage, the literal nature of hell, abortion, etc., all in the name of defending Christian orthodoxy.  Yet these very same evangelicals will support a man like Donald Trump who is utterly devoid of Christian character and whose message is all about anger, hatred, bigotry, racism, misogyny and materialism.  What’s more, they will claim that their Christian faith leads them to their support of Donald Trump.  There is a serious disconnect here.

This year I’ve come to realize that there really is no orthodox Christianity left; not if it and Donald Trump can be mentioned in the same breath. There really is no heresy then either, if this politicized Evangelism is what represents the standard. The labels of Conservative or Progressive faith are no longer relevant because there is no steady center to measure legitimate Christian faith by anymore.

Yeah, in theory it’s supposed to be Jesus, but practically speaking that doesn’t work; not when my Jesus loves gay people and theirs is packing heat; not when my Jesus grieves with people of color and theirs wants to build a wall around America; not when my Jesus is a servant and theirs is a bully. I’ve come to realize that as orthodox or Conservative or traditional as any person fancies themselves, in the end their God is in their own image; allowing what they want to allow, consenting to what they desire consent to; sanctioning the candidate they want sanctioned.

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