Pete Enns: What Kind of a God Do You Believe In?

Today I direct your attention to another post by Pete Enns, in which he notes from his observations of how different Christians engage with hot-button issues such as the historicity of Adam, that the way they engage these issues betrays that they ultimately believe in different gods–or at the very least, believe completely different things about the character of God.  Which God do you believe in–a God who is not afraid to enter into human existence and experience and allow said experience to shape how the Bible behaves, or a God who stands aloof, guiding and even micromanaging the delivery of His inspired Word, an incredibly diverse collection of writings which nevertheless contains, buried deep within, a perfectly fine-tuned system of theology which we are charged to excavate and defend at all cost?

So when it comes to debates over the historical Adam and evolution, the question I have come to ask myself is, “What kind of God are you thinking of when you say X….?” Is it

an incarnating God—Immanuel, God with us, or

a Platonic god—where you have to peel off the obscuring “down here” hindrances to get to the untainted “up there” god, with the Bible as an encoded inerrant guidebook to get you there.

I don’t like the platonic god. I don’t think Jesus did either.

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