N. T. Wright: Heaven Is Not the Christian Hope

Today I direct your attention to a brief video by N. T. Wright in which he unpacks his somewhat revolutionary view that going to heaven when you die is not the ultimate Christian hope.

Christianity has taken on board an awful lot of bad Western philosophy down through the centuries, specifically the idea which comes from the first-century Gnostics and from Plato, Aristotle, and other Greco-Roman philosophies that the spirit and the spirit world are good while the flesh and the material world are evil.  This has worked its way into our view of the afterlife:  When we die we will be taken by Jesus to a place called heaven somewhere up in the sky, somewhere far far away from here, perhaps even outside the known universe altogether, while the world and universe we know is burned up in a cataclysmic fire of judgment.

This is not what the Bible teaches.  What the Bible actually teaches is that at the end of time the kingdom of God, or the kingdom of heaven if you will, will come down to earth.  Everything that is wrong in our world will be made right, and heaven and earth will be joined together into one glorious new reality.

For your viewing pleasure I have linked the video below: