Jonathan Merritt Takes Evangelical Trump Supporters to Task

Today I direct your attention to Jonathan Merritt at The Atlantic, who gives evangelical Trump supporters who opposed Bill Clinton back in the 90’s a well-deserved taking to task.

To many evangelicals back in the 90’s, Bill Clinton was a lying, pot-smoking, draft-dodging womanizer who was the poster child for everything that was wrong with America.  And when Monica Lewinski emerged from the Oval Office with that famously semen-stained dress, that ratcheted up the evangelical opposition to Bill Clinton by several notches.  It was all about character, we said.  Bill Clinton didn’t have it.

Two decades later and here we are, with evangelicals falling all over themselves in support of Donald Trump, a lying, foul-mouthed, draft-dodging womanizer who is every bit as deficient in character as Bill Clinton ever was, if not more so.  This shows that it is really not about character, as we said.  Instead, it is all about power and cultural influence, and resorting to any means, no matter how underhanded, to get it.

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