Michael Spencer: Our Problem with Grace

Today I wish to direct your attention to a post from Michael Spencer which has been around for a long time yet which still speaks prophetically to us today.  As evangelicals, we talk a great game when it comes to grace yet in many places people are way uncomfortable with the idea of actual grace.  This is a long piece but well worth the read.  Here are some money quotes to whet your appetite:

“Amazing Grace” may be the church’s favorite hymn, but I’m not the first person to notice that the subject of God’s actual grace seems to give many Christians a case of hives. Singing about it is way cool. After that we need a team of lawyers to interpret all the codicils and footnotes we’ve written for the new covenant.

…Sometimes Christians go very, very far down the road of sin’s allurements and dwell there for years. When this happens, we shouldn’t be outraged by such behavior, as if the church is scandalized. The church ought to be a scandal of grace every day, and when it’s not, the Gospel is missing. Go find it. Our treatment of that wayward person, in personal relationships and in the congregation, is all about God’s determination to be glorified in the lives of those for whom Jesus died as a substitute and a sacrifice.

Grace doesn’t approve. Grace just refuses to give up on us. (God really is amazing!)

Read:  Our Problem with Grace by Michael Spencer