That Does It

trumpI try not to talk about politics too often around here.  There are a wide variety of people out there with a wide variety of diverging opinions on the subject of politics, all with different stories and life experiences which led them to these opinions.  If I had lived their lives and experienced those experiences myself then perhaps I would have greater understanding of what has led them to these opinions.  It is way too easy to lose friends over the subject of politics, and it is never worth it to sacrifice relationships for the sake of being right on issues that will probably be non-issues by the time the next election cycle rolls around.

But you Donald Trump supporters have pushed me completely over the edge.

You have now robbed me of all possible hope for a reasonable conservative option.

I am giving you President Hillary.

You have brought this upon yourselves, and you deserve exactly what you are getting.

Don’t try to tell me that it is my duty as a conservative to support your Donald Trump for no other reason than because he’s not Hillary.  Don’t try to tell me that I have an obligation, moral or otherwise, to oppose Hillary because of Benghazi or the secret email thing or because of her positions on abortion or gay rights or whatever your issue of concern happens to be.

Party loyalty is not a one-way street.  If you want my support then you have a duty and a responsibility to offer me candidates whom I can support.

You have willfully and wantonly flouted that responsibility.

I refuse to accept the argument that this is a team sport and an either-or situation.  You will not get my support by robbing me of all my reasonable conservative options and then telling me I’m a flaming liberal if I don’t shut up and get in line and support your Donald Trump.

By the way, I know all about Benghazi.  I know all about the email thing.  I know Hillary may be indicted before the summer is over.  (With a Democrat currently in the White House, I wouldn’t hold my breath.)

At this point, I don’t care.

Yes, Hillary is an enemy.  That much is true.  But she is an honest enemy in that she is an obvious one who can be opposed by honest and obvious means.  As long as there is a Republican majority in Congress, she won’t be able to do much of anything.

But Donald Trump–after four years (to say nothing of eight years) of his boorish buffoonery in the White House, there won’t be a soul alive who can distinguish between “Republican” and “Donald Trump”, between “conservative” and “crazy, stupid, angry, hateful ideologue”.  There won’t be a Republican candidate able to get elected dogcatcher–anywhere.

That is a future which I refuse to accept.

And I refuse to accept that what love requires of me as a Christian is to support a candidate whose message is nothing but anger and hatred–simply because he is not Hillary.

So I am prepared to hold my nose and my stomach–and let it be clear that I will be holding my nose and my stomach–and vote for Hillary.  Not because of any great love for her or because of any dawning liberal sympathies, but because I have now been robbed of all possible hope of a reasonable conservative option.

As noted above, there are a wide variety of people with a wide variety of diverging opinions on the subject of politics.  If I had lived your lives and experienced the experiences that led to your present convictions, then perhaps I would understand.  It is never worth it to sacrifice friendships in order to be right about issues that will probably be non-issues by the next election cycle.

But this had to be said.  I couldn’t keep it in any longer.