Sarah McCammon: I’m Not Sad about Prince, But Let Me Explain

Today I wish to direct your attention to a post form Sarah McCammon at NPR entitled “I’m Not Sad about Prince, But Let Me Explain“.  This post offers a window into what it is like for someone to grow up in a part of the evangelical bubble where secular music and secular culture are not allowed.

Though thankfully this is not the case everywhere in evangelicalism, there are still a great many places where secular music and secular culture are kept carefully at arms-length or even further away, as a way of maintaining our identity as separate from the sinful ways of the world and faithful to Christ.  McCammon grew up in one such place.  As a consequence, she never experienced the music of Prince and never got familiar enough with him to feel any sadness at his passing.  She also missed out on a great deal of the music, movies, and other touchstones of our culture that bring people together, and thus feels like something of an outsider when an event of great cultural significance like the death of Prince happens.  Read her account in her own words:  “I’m Not Sad about Prince, But Let Me Explain“.


One thought on “Sarah McCammon: I’m Not Sad about Prince, But Let Me Explain

  1. Joe, there are some cultural “icons” that is not a shame to miss. I knew all of Prince’s lyrics. I saw Purple Rain at least 5 times. I caught pneumonia sleeping in a parking lot one chilly night to get a nosebleed seat to one of his concerts. I became a Christian a year later and have never been thankful for all Prince’s music did for me. He pushed the envelope on and helped lead our cultural into a greater tolerance for vulgar sexuality. As a Christian I do not shun secular music and movies; I even educate my kids about much of it. However, there is some that I think a Christian would be wise to shun and, in fact, biblically sound in doing so. I am not at all sorry for anyone who cannot participate in this particular manifestation of our society’s current cult of celebrity.

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