Charles Featherstone: Diversity and Conformity

Today I wish to direct your attention to a post by Charles Featherstone entitled “Diversity and Conformity“.  The big idea is that the push for diversity in America’s social institutions is actually making them less diverse and less tolerant.  How does this work?  Well, consider:  What holds a diverse people together?  Something has to.  A people has to be united around something, and a diverse people has to be united around something in order to find strength in their diversity.  So the push for diversity and the celebration of diversity becomes that unifying thing, with the result being that this is the only accepted outlook; it demands that a very demographically diverse people come together under a uniformity of thought and outlook.  Differing ways of looking at things are not allowed.

If you spend any significant amount of time with the writings of Charles Featherstone, you will pick up on the desire for belonging as a recurring theme.  (This is a theme I can relate to.)  In any culture or people group, there are forms of belonging, and also acceptable forms of non-conforming, which one can learn if one is raised in that group.  But when you have an ideologically constructed form of belonging, such as the valuing of diversity, there is no accepted form of nonconformity.  This makes life difficult if not impossible for anyone such as Featherstone (or me) whose basic predisposition is toward nonconformity.

Because diversity demands a uniformity of thought and outlook, it creates an intellectual and moral monoculture which is brittle and inflexible, and therefore ineffective in dealing with the messiness and unpredictability of human existence.  In the end it will fail and be consigned to the ash heap of unsuccessful ways of organizing the world and engaging the human condition.

Read:  Diversity and Conformity by Charles Featherstone