All-Skate: Sexual Lines A Pastor Should Never Cross

Today I would like to hear from you.  I especially want to hear from those of you who are outside of evangelicalism on this topic.

Joe McKeever, a recently retired Baptist pastor in the New Orleans area, posted an article at entitled “7 Sexual Lines No Pastor Should Ever Cross“.  The article is a couple of years old, but the concerns raised are still quite fresh due to the recent spate of high-profile pastors resigning because of sexual sin.  Included in his list are things like “Do not use cologne”, “Do not compliment a young woman on her appearance”, and “When complimented inappropriately, laugh it off and change the subject”.

Go ahead and read the article.  Then answer this:  Do you think this is wise advice, or do you think this is too extreme?  I especially want to hear from those of you outside of evangelicalism, because I already know what most evangelicals are likely to think of a piece like this.  I want to know what you think as outsiders looking on at us.  Do you think this pastor has hit the nail on the head?  Or do you think this betrays an unhealthy preoccupation with sexual sin that is part of the problem and not the solution?  Do you think a piece like this betrays an inability to conceive of appropriate relational boundaries?  Or do you think the boundaries this pastor suggests are wise for anyone wishing to avoid sexual sin?

Okay.  Discuss.