Jim Bakker Is Back (Again)

bakkerA few months back we noted that Jim Bakker has returned to active ministry.  That is, if peddling end-of-the-world survivalist gear is what strikes your fancy as active ministry.  Bakker has a TV show where he specializes in convincing viewers that some sort of apocalypse is around the corner and that you had better buy his prepper food to get you through.  Lots of it.  As in, like, TONS of it.

But the apocalypse prepper food market is a tough market to be in, because you can only go so far with the gays/terrorists/ISIS schtick.  Apparently Bakker is realizing this.  So last week Bakker brought on this guy Rick Wiles (a fellow end-times preacher), who said that the earth is on a 206-year cycle.  We just came out of a 206-year global warming cycle, and now we are about to enter a 206-year global cooling cycle.  Which means we are headed for a mini-Ice Age.  Which means food will be scarce.  And when food is scarce, people go to war.  Gangs will take over all the major cities, with looting and cannibalism to follow.  Watch for yourself, courtesy of the good people over at Right Wing Watch:

So you’d better get on over and order yourself some of those 6-gallon jugs of potato soup NOW!!!  Or else you will wake up with the world coming apart and think “Why didn’t I order something?”  Just think, with all that potato soup, you could have PARTIES while the world is coming apart!!!!!