Read This Before You Jump On That Sex Trafficking Bandwagon

Sex trafficking has become a cause du jour among evangelicals this decade.  There has been an explosion of individuals and organizations working to shine a light on one of the gravest injustices of contemporary society.  Yet an unfortunate aspect of this explosive growth is that many are rushing into an issue they don’t fully understand, without taking the time to understand it.  Many, for instance, have never heard from any sex trafficking survivors except perhaps those few who are out on the speaking/bookselling circuit.  As a result, they operate on the basis of a narrative that is hugely at variance with reality in regards to this issue.  This presents an injustice almost as grave as that posed by the sex traffickers themselves.

Benjamin L. Corey, who blogs at Formerly Fundie, has invited Meg Munoz, a sex trafficking survivor, to share on his blog.  Her first post is live right now; other posts to come will include her story and her answers to questions from readers.  In this post she addresses many of the misperceptions concerning the issue of sex trafficking, and offers links to many resources around the web.

If you are interested in fighting sex trafficking, I strongly recommend you read Meg’s story.  Educate yourself on the real issues surrounding sex trafficking.  Take some time to read the links Meg has provided and familiarize yourself with the reality in the world of sex trafficking, which is significantly more complicated than you may have believed.  Understand that many approaches, like pushing Jesus at every turn and treating the real damage in the lives of sex trafficking victims as something that can be solved by just throwing a few Bible verses around, are not helpful and may represent an injustice just as grave as that presented by the sex traffickers themselves.

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