Outrage: We Got This

That exploding sound you hear in the background is perfectly normal around here whenever the Supreme Court issues a ruling that evangelicals don’t like.

If there is one thing evangelicals and other political conservatives do really well, it’s outrage.  And we have seen a lot of it in the last 24 hours or thereabouts, as conservatives of all stripes are falling all over themselves to see who can sound the most outraged and outrageous.  Here is a small sampling:

Tim Wildmon, president of American Family Association:  “I fear for our country, quite frankly, because this is a spiritual 9/11, I believe. We have said to God Almighty, We don’t care what you say about marriage and your definition of what’s natural and normal.

Mike Huckabee:  “This ruling is not about marriage equality, it’s about marriage redefinition. This irrational, unconstitutional rejection of the expressed will of the people in over 30 states will prove to be one of the court’s most disastrous decisions, and they have had many. The only outcome worse than this flawed, failed decision would be for the President and Congress, two co-equal branches of government, to surrender in the face of this out-of-control act of unconstitutional, judicial tyranny.”

Concerned Women of America:  “In one appalling decision, the Supreme Court has effectively opened the door to the criminalization of Christianity when it comes to the marriage issue … and not just Christianity, but every major religion that supports God’s model for marriage and family.”

Bill Muehlenberg of BarbWire:  “This is a declaration of war by five judges who have spat in the face of their Creator, of marriage, of biology, and freedom. Now a major proper response for Christians and others is massive civil disobedience and defiance of this homo-fascist decision.”

Author Carl Gallups:  “This ruling may prove to be the final death-knell of divine judgment upon our once great nation. For God’s word clearly declares, ‘What God has joined together, let not man put asunder’ (Mark 10:9). Man (The U.S. Supreme Court) has now spit upon God’s word and ‘put asunder’ what God declared as the standard for marriage – one man and one woman joined before God for life.”

Allen B. West:  “The SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage is not about the issue itself — it is about individual religious freedom and the imposition of the State’s will against faith. After all, it is the original reason why the Pilgrims fled England. And since there is no place for men and women of faith to retreat — they will make a stand. This ain’t first century Rome.”

Yep, when it comes to outrage, we totally got this.