Unless You Have Something Substantive to Say, Shut Up Already about 50 Shades of Grey!!!!!

christiangreyToday we are going to talk about 50 Shades of Grey, the eagerly anticipated movie which comes out this weekend.  I have not seen it, nor do I intend to.  I have not read any of the books, nor do I intend to.  But I refuse to let that stop me.  Why?  Because I am a blogger.  Offering unsolicited opinions on subjects about which I know nothing is what I do.

I see that I am not alone in this.  It seems all the usual suspects in the Christian watchblogosphere are lining up to say something about this movie despite not having seen it and not intending to see it.  Owen Strachan at Thought Life writes about “How 50 Shades of Grey Harms Women & Jesus Saves Them“.  Marshall Segal, a contributor at Desiring God, writes about “Fifty Shades of Nay“.  (Damn.  Wish I’d thought of that one.)  Tim Challies writes about “7 Lessons from 50 Shades of Grey“.

In short:  This is sin.  Stay away.  Jesus can save you from your sin.  Turn to Jesus.

All of the above is true and certainly appropriate in its place.  But THIS IS A MOVIE, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!  I am certain that the vast majority of women recognize that any man who does in real life the things that Christian Grey does in this movie would be considered monumentally CREEPY!!!!!  If they don’t, they’ve got problems.  And I am certain that the vast majority of men do NOT want to be Christian Grey.  If they do, they’ve got problems.

So unless you have something to say about the film that goes beyond using the same Bible verses to say the same things evangelical culture warriors have been saying for ages, then SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!