Diana Butler Bass: Fox News’ War on Advent

Today I wish to direct your attention to a post from Diana Butler Bass at Huffington Post.  With all that Fox News is doing to get people geeked up about the so-called War on Christmas, it is ironic yet important to note that the real Christmas season is not the shopping season leading up to Christmas, but rather it starts on Christmas and runs for twelve days afterward.  Instead of Christmas with all its lights, carols, and over-the-top decorations, almost all liturgical churches are celebrating Advent, which by comparison is much darker, more subdued, and more minimalist.  Bass explains the mood of the Advent season, what to expect in a church that celebrates Advent, and how this contrasts with the Christmas season out there in the world at large.

Bass then takes a pointed, and perhaps well-deserved, jab at Fox News for its pushing of the War on Christmas:  Perhaps they are attempting to distract us with the War on Christmas because the themes of the poor being lifted up while the rich are cast down, which are prevalent during the Advent season, run contrary to the values that Fox News is all about?  A bit of a stretch, but the point remains:  When we get all geeked up about the War on Christmas, we completely miss the point of the season:  that we are waiting to celebrate the birth of the Savior whom God has promised us, who has already come and will one day come again to establish His kingdom and put right all that is wrong in our world.

Read Fox News’ War on Advent by Diana Butler Bass