Jim Bakker Is Back

bakkerThat’s right, people.

Jim Bakker was a big-time televangelist who became emmeshed in an epic, sordid scandal involving mismanagement of church funds and improper sexual relations with a church secretary.  The whole thing got him thrown in federal prison for five years during the early 90’s.

Now Bakker is back on the scene.  And if you are the sort of person who worries about not having clean water at the Pearly Gates, you will be glad.  Bakker has a website where he sells a vast assortment of survivalist gear such as supplies of nonperishable food, of which the highlight is the “Time Of Trouble Totes”.  This is a 7-year supply of food which runs for $3,000 and includes such things as End of the World Biscuits, Jim’s Black Bean Burgers, Mondo’s Beans & Rice, and Kevin’s Krazy Lasagna (Do you really want to spend 7 years in a bunker with people who are eating that much beans and rice?).  He also has water filtration devices, extreme outerwear, and other such things.  These products and much more are available on his website under the “Love Gifts” tab.

Bakker also has what appears to be a thriving ministry consisting of a Christian retreat center and retirement community outside of Branson, Missouri, where his TV show, “The Jim Bakker Show”, is filmed.