RHE on Why We Need Feminism

Today I wish to direct your attention to a post by Rachel Held Evans.

Don’t freak, people.  That exploding sound you hear is perfectly normal whenever the word feminism is mentioned in evangelical circles.

Some of you, depending on your political/theological commitments, will disagree with some of the reasons RHE gives.  But several of these should strike home for any of us who call ourselves Christian.  Regardless of your political or theological commitments, some of these are just wrong:  That so many women around the world are victims of sexual trafficking.  That the unrealistic ideal female body image foisted upon us by Hollywood and Madison Avenue is so pervasive that eighty percent of 10-year-old girls now say they have been on a diet at least once.  That a woman can be raped and the first question many people will ask is “What was she wearing?”

You need to go on and read this for yourself.  Read Rachel Held Evans: We Need Feminism

As a slightly related aside:  It bemuses and fascinates me to no end to see the intellectual gymnastics and contortions that complementarians in the SBC will go through, when faced with the fact that Beth Moore is one of the most influential teachers in the entire SBC (her primary audience is women but that’s beside the point here), that she is way more influential than the vast majority of male preachers/teachers in the SBC, in order to maintain that everything is good and their complementarian way of looking at things has not been violated.