Ann Coulter on Soccer


I get that you don’t really like soccer.  I don’t exactly feel the love for it either.  What can you say about a game in which the players don’t really do much of anything but run up and down the field, and there are only three possible final scores:  0-0, 1-0, or in a real scoring orgy, 1-1?

But wow.  Tell us how you really feel, Ann.

Pat Robertson: Tattoos Are For Heathens

It never fails:  Anytime I get stuck on what to blog, Pat Robertson is always there to bail me out.

Pat Robertson has made it perfectly clear what he thinks about tattoos.  They’re heathen.  Even if they are of Jesus.

He said as much this week on The 700 Club when a viewer called in to ask how he should respond to a friend who was considering getting a Jesus tattoo.

Some choice quotes:

It doesn’t make it okay because it’s religious, believe me.  I mean, it could be a tattoo of some hoochie-cooch girl. It doesn’t really make any difference.

…Tattooing is heathen practice. It is not a Christian practice, to mar the body that [God] gave you. And you see people that have gone crazy on this, and their bodies are just filled with these things. It is a heathen practice, and it is prohibited in the Old Testament. So that fact that it’s Jesus doesn’t make a bit of difference.

And there you have it, people.  So if you’re thinking about going out and getting a tattoo:  Don’t do it.  Pat Robertson says so.