Now Playing at Life in Mordor: Chasing Extraordinary

Because I am all about shameless self-promotion, I am so not above linking my own work.  This is a piece called “Chasing Extraordinary” which I posted over at Life in Mordor, the blog of Mike F. where I post regularly as a guest contributor.

As evangelicals, we are addicted to chasing extraordinary.  We are all about dreaming big and doing big things in order to advance the kingdom of God.  Paul is frequently held up as an example because of his zeal and passion for spreading the Gospel.  But think about this:  Who was Paul writing to?  It wasn’t other apostles like himself, or even other pastors.  It was ordinary, rank-and-file believers in all the places where he planted churches.  These people did nothing special at all except live their lives in the place they were, and remain faithful to the teaching of Paul for all the rest of their days, and when they died they were all forgotten.

For some of you, this seems like a death.  Death to the idea of being someone special or doing something special.  But for others of you this is the greatest piece of news you ever heard, next to the Gospel itself.  You don’t have to burn yourself out striving to be something you’re not, in order to do something big for Christ.  Being faithful where you are, in what you are doing, is good enough.

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