The Most Inane Thing Pat Robertson Has Ever Said?

Pat Robertson has said a lot of inane things over the years.  I have said repeatedly that if I could just set up some kind of news feed for all the inane things Pat Robertson says, this blog would write itself.

But what Robertson said this past week tops everything.  And that takes some doing.

Robertson was responding to a comment from a 700 Club viewer who was concerned about having been in close proximity to an HIV-positive church member and not known it.  In his response he claimed that gay people in San Francisco use specially rigged rings to give people AIDS by shaking hands with them.

Clearly the cheese has not just fallen off Robertson’s cracker, it has hit the floor and been eaten by the dog.

Even CBN thinks so.  When they posted the episode on their website, they edited out this exchange.  It has also been removed from Youtube and Vimeo.  But it still remains in CBN’s official transcript of the episode.  Right Wing Watch still has the video of the original comment (for now, at least).  The Atlantic Wire has the transcript of Robertson’s remarks, along with a statement from Robertson expressing regret that his remarks were misunderstood and taken out of context (HA!), and several other outrageous statements Robertson has made over the years.

Robertson is still alive and has ample opportunity to top this, if he can.  But for now, this stands as the most inane thing Robertson has ever said.