Donny B: Quiet Desperation

423529_10150586640952700_404624921_nHenry David Thoreau once said “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.  The first thing we think of here is the middle-aged man with a houseful of screaming kids, an oppressive mortgage, a soul-numbing white-collar job, and a nagging, aging wife who isn’t quite as beautiful as she was back in the day.  But what about those of a younger generation who would kill to have such problems?

Evangelical men are told to marry young and get busy raising kids.  But in today’s economic climate, that option is simply unrealistic for the vast majority of men.  Many cannot provide for a wife and/or kids at even the most basic level for many years.  So what to do?  Unlike their nonbelieving counterparts, they cannot just go out and shack up with some pretty young thing–theoretically, at least.  Many do it just the same.  But for the rest of us who try to play it straight and play by the rules, what to do?  What is the church to do?

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  1. Maybe the church should stop advocating the policies that favor the top .5 % (that’s just half of the top 1%, sometimes called “job creators” especially by slaves in India making leisure wear for Target and Walmart)

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