Rachel Held Evans on Complementarianism

Complementarianism is coming up for discussion in many Christian circles these days; it seems that some Christian leaders are concerned that the complementarian perspective is losing traction.  At a recent gathering, prominent evangelical leaders expressed concern that many Christian marriages are complementarian in name only and that this is causing Christianity to lose its distinctiveness from worldly culture.

In a pointed post entitled “It’s not complementarianism; it’s patriarchy“, Rachel Held Evans speaks to this.  The complementarian perspective is, for many people, an imposition upon marriage that forces it to funcion in unnatural ways.  It is losing ground because many scholars and authors are questioning the complementarian interpretation of key biblical texts and doing it at the popular level.  It is losing ground because its proponents are not committed to a truly biblical view of manhood and womanhood but rather to the view that was prevalent back in the 1950s and before.  And it is losing ground because people are recognizing that it does not produce complementary relationships but a hierarchical, specifically a patriarchal, structure.

Read “It’s not complementarianism; it’s patriarchy” by Rachel Held Evans