Recommended Reading: Shane Rosenthal on Abandoning Evangelicalism

Today I wish to draw your attention to an article by Shane Rosenthal of Modern Reformation.  In it he recounts his journey of being raised by a Methodist mother who converted to Judaism when she was married.  After college he got involved in Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, CA; his recounting of his experience there should strike close to home (perhaps uncomfortably so) for those of us who are in megachurch settings.  Eventually he found his way to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church by way of the Reformed Episcopal Church.  He and his wife and children continue to occasionally visit other churches, so that the children will be aware of other Christian traditions and practices.

Rosenthal shines a clear light on the evangelical megachurch experience.  In the remainder of the post, he expresses serious concern for the lack of depth, reverence, Christ-centered worship and teaching, and pastoral care that is prevalent in many evangelical churches.

Allow me to leave you with this quote:

There is a great deal that divides Protestants from Roman Catholics. In particular, we’re divided over the crucial question of justification. Is Christ’s merit alone sufficient for my righteousness, or is that a legal fiction? This is an incredibly important question that divides our two communions, especially in light of the fact that Rome’s anathemas against the Protestant position are still binding.  But official Roman Catholicism and confessional Protestantism are closer to each other than they are to the theology and practice of moralistic therapeutic deism that so pervades contemporary American evangelicalism.

How does it sit with you to think that confessional Protestantism has more in common with Roman Catholicism than contemporary evangelicalism?