Michael Spencer on the Christian Worldview

Today I wish to direct your attention to a post from Michael Spencer in which he discusses the unresolved tensions of evangelicalism, specifically with regard to the Christian worldview (or the Biblical worldview, or whatever you care to call it).

The Christian worldview claims to be the absolute truth.  As a Christian, your highest and most daunting assignment is to assimilate this into all your thinking and beliefs.  This does not just involve studying, interpreting, or applying the Bible, though that is part of it.  Rather it involves going all the way down to the basic ideas and presuppositions that underlie the whole Bible–these can be easily deduced by honest reading of the Bible–and bringing ALL of your thinking and beliefs into line with these.

At the core of the Biblical worldview is the presupposition of an inerrant Bible.  The Bible is completely and totally accurate in all its depictions of any subject that it touches upon–science, psychology, human nature, parenting, education, financial planning, history, the end times–you name it.  If you are a committed evangelical then you will have to have an answer for questions such as:  Did God really create the earth in seven days?  Did the sun really stand still that day at Jericho?  Does God really order the slaughter of innocent women and children?  Any deviation from the accepted view of what the Bible says on these questions, and you don’t believe the Bible.  If the Bible is not totally correct in all its depictions of history and science or its answers to questions of psychology, finance, education, etc., then it can’t be trusted when it claims that Jesus rose from the dead and He is our only hope for salvation from our sins and reconciliation with God.  Why?  Because the Bible stands or falls as a whole.  We are not free to pick and choose the parts we like and leave the rest, because that would put us in the place of God and reduce the Bible to an object of our examination, manipulation, and dissection.  We are not to raise ourselves up into the place of God, rather, we are to submit to what the Bible says because it is God’s word to us.

Well, enough ranting from me.  Read what Michael Spencer has to say on the Christian worldview.