PETA: Don’t Eat Wings This Super Bowl

Okay, we all know that the good people over at PETA have WAY too much time on their hands.  Which is why they are regular veterans of the “People with WAY too much time on their hands” department here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion.

Well, they’re at it again.  Seems they know that the Super Bowl (NFL:  I dare you to come and sue me) is coming up and that a lot of you will be having Super Bowl parties, and that a lot of you will be eating chicken wings at those parties.  And they don’t want you to.  Why?  Because they’re PETA and they reserve the right to be offended at such things, dammit!!!!!

From PETA’s website:

It’s estimated that some 600 million chickens are killed for the wings consumed just during the Super Bowl. Yikes! And that’s after the abuse they all suffered through on factory farms.

Not only is this wing-eating obsession cruel, it also shows a lack of imagination. After all, there are so many mouth-watering alternatives to the old same-old same-old. For vegan game-day treats that will satisfy the most ravenous sports fan, check out these recipes for fab finger foods that won’t cost birds their limbs.

The “mouth-watering alternatives” mentioned above include vegan burgers, meatless hot dogs, and fake BBQ riblets.  Wow.  My stomach juices are making death threats already.