Rachel Held Evans on Campus Crusade Changing Its Name

Rebranding happens all the time in corporate America.  Walmart, Radio Shack, and Belk are only a few of the stores that have designed all new logos for themselves in recent years in an attempt to make themselves appear more relevant to today’s consumers.  My feeling about this is that the fact you felt it necessary to rebrand yourself indicates that you are not very successful; the most successful companies just don’t change their logos.  When’s the last time McDonalds changed its logo?  Or Chick-Fil-A?  Or Home Depot?  Or Lowe’s?

What is even worse than this is when a Christian organization goes through a rebranding effort and then tries to convince us all that God led them to do it.  That is exactly what happened recently when Campus Crusade changed its name to “Cru” and came up with a whole new logo to boot.  Read what Rachel Held Evans has to say about this.

Those of you who were involved in Campus Crusade in the past or now, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.