Skye Jethani: Has the Bible Become an Idol?

In many circles of evangelicalism, it has.  Much of evangelicalism views the Bible as nothing more than a repository of God-given principles for life.  According to this view, the problem with people is that they don’t have the right principles.  Instead of living on principles derived from science or political leaders or Oprah Winfrey, people need to be living on God’s principles.  Which of course come directly from the Bible.  Right?

Wrong, people.

This view of the Bible is patently un-Christian, Skye Jethani argues.  If the Bible is a book of godly principles for godly living, then what do we possibly need God or Jesus Christ for?  It’s all there in the Bible.  We just go to the Bible, and we have everything we need.  Thus the Bible has replaced Jesus Christ as the end-all, be-all of our faith.  And that sounds an awful lot like an idol.

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