Michael Spencer on 9/11

Today please allow me to direct your attention to Michael Spencer (the Internet Monk)’s post on 9/11.  This was written ten years ago, during the aftermath of 9/11.  At the time, Michael Spencer was decidedly conservative, and he wrote this piece from that perspective.  His political thinking evolved quite a bit since then.  Though his political views may have remained unchanged, they were quite understated in his later writings as he preferred to address issues of concern within the Church before speaking to issues on the political scene.

Some of you may be quite uncomfortable with the arch-conservative sentiments expressed here.  (Then again, some of you may be just fine with it.)  Either way, remember that this was written in the immediate aftermath of a horrific national tragedy, and that in those moments many of you were probably thinking a lot of the same things that Michael Spencer expresses in this piece.

Read Michael Spencer’s early response to 9/11