Quick Hit: Conference Realignment Revisited

Last year the college football world was all abuzz with talk of a potential realignment that would have the Big 12 imploding with half the league going out to the Pac 10 and the other half joining up with the SEC or Big 10 or wherever, setting off a massive ripple effect that would transfigure the entire college football landscape.  In the wake of that, I noted that this sort of earth-shattering conference realignment seems to happen about once every ten years, and I mapped out the effects of the last two rounds of realignment.

As it turned out, nothing ever came of that.  Nebraska joined the Big 10 and Colorado defected to the Pac 10, but the rest of the Big 12 stayed put.  Texas got a crazy exclusive deal with ESPN to launch its own sports network, but the rest of the Big 12 was willing to go along with this because they were just happy to have a conference home.

But now, there are rumblings that Texas A&M is getting ready to defect to the SEC.  There are also rumors that Oklahoma might be joining the SEC.  AJC sports columnist Mark Bradley gives his analysis of the rumors swirling, especially as far as Texas and Oklahoma are concerned.  AJC sports columnist Jeff Schultz is dead set opposed to this; in his view the fact that the NCAA is willing to tolerate this sort of thing is a sign that they have lost their mission.

What say you, people?