Chaplain Mike: Living as Easter People

Today, please allow me to direct your attention to a post from Chaplain Mike at in which he unpacks Colossians 3 concerning our new identity in Christ.  He focuses in on verses 5-11, which describe what our new identity is supposed to look like at ground level.

Paul focuses in on how we are supposed to live as new people.  He gives a specific list of sins to avoid, which focuses on two areas:  sexual sins and sins of speech.  Both of these areas affect our relationships with other people.  Sexual sins grow out of a self-centered pursuit of gratification which is evidence of idolatry, while the sins of speech are practices which are obviously harmful to relationships with other people.  The bottom line here is that all the practices which Paul enumerates are contrary to love.  Love is what we are called to as Christians, and as people who have been freed from the curse of sin and death, we are free to love.

Read “Living as Easter People” by Chaplain Mike