The Gospel in “The Wizard of Oz”: Who Knew?

Who would have ever imagined that “The Wizard of Oz” could be used as a Gospel illustration or an illustration of the Christian life?  Yet here we are.

Chaplain Mike over at uses “The Wizard of Oz” to illustrate the journey of the Christian life.  Dorothy is rescued from a drab, colorless existence in Kansas and transported to a beautiful and magical land beyond her wildest imagination by a power much greater than herself.  Yet her deepest desire is to return home.  The first thing she is told is to follow the yellow brick road, and sure enough, she finds the yellow brick road right there at her feet in all its glory.  But this leaves her worse off than when she started, though she finds loyal friends along the way and discovers hidden resources within herself as well as the power of trusted friends who stand with her as she faces the challenges along the way.

At the end of her journey, the great city of Oz and the wizard who rule it are powerless to help her, but grace intervenes once more.  Glinda the good witch appears to Dorothy and tells her that she had the power to go back all along; all she had to do was tap the heels of her ruby slippers together.  Yet she had to learn for herself; she needed to undertake the journey because it was through the journey–not its ultimate outcome–that she got what she really needed.

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