The Monday Melange 07.25.11: Jim Donnan, Gene Chizik, Dan Radakovich

–Aloysius, our Executive Director of Sports Information here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion, has been in stitches over last week’s item about the running of the bulls in Spain.  He has been saying to me, “You humans are SOOOOOO STUPID!!!!!!!!!  [in mocking voice]  ‘There are bulls running loose in the street today!  I think I’ll go for a run!’ ”  Aloysius never tires of reminding me that bears have much better sense than to go for a run when there are bulls running loose in the streets.  Yeah whatever.  But I have nothing to say to him in response.  He is right on this one.  Sometimes it annoys me, and when I’ve had enough I just remind him–ever so gently–of that bear that got stuck on that bridge out in California a couple of years back, and that usually shuts him up.

Ponzi scheme?!?!? I thought the guy said "tunnel screen"!!!!!

–Jim Donnan’s legal and personal troubles are deepening.  Not only is he now bankrupt, he is now accused of running a Ponzi scheme.  Well, at least he’s got the right guy to defend him:  Athens lawyer Ed Tolley, who has a long career of making sticky situations for UGA not so sticky, is on the case.  Not that Tolley needs any suggestions from me, but here’s one:  Say that Donnan thought the guy said “tunnel screen” (sounds kinda like “Ponzi scheme” if you say it really fast) and said, “What?  Tunnel screen?  I love those!!!!!  Sign me up!!!!!”

If you’ve been wondering about the state of the NCAA’s investigation into Cam Newton at Auburn, wonder no longer.  Julie Roe Lach, the NCAA’s vice president of enforcement, came to the SEC coaches’ annual meeting in Destin and gave a presentation there.  When she opened it up for questions, Gene Chizik raised his hand.  What followed was a testy exchange which resembled the scene at the congressional hearing in The Godfather II where the Corleone family lawyer gets up and says, “…We hope that you will have the decency to clear the Corleone family name with the same publicity with which you have besmirched it.”  Chizik peppered Roe Lach with questions about the status about the investigation, complaining that the open-ended nature of this investigation was hurting recruiting.  To which Roe Lach responded, “You’ll know when we’re finished.  And we’re not finished.”

Translation:  Sit down and shut up.

–It usually doesn’t go very well for you if you get testy with the NCAA.  Dan Radakovich at Georgia Tech could tell you a thing or two about that.  Georgia Tech just managed to take what should have been nothing more than a secondary violation and squeeze four years probation and a forfeited ACC championship out of it, because they were deemed as failing to cooperate with the NCAA’s investigation.  AJC sports columnist Mark Bradley contrasts the Georgia Tech situation with the situation at LSU, which had a major infraction and could have gotten in huge trouble but got off with the equivalent of time already served because they cooperated with the NCAA in their investigation.