Mark Galli: Rob Bell Is Not a Litmus Test

I am sure that most of you out there have heard of Rob Bell’s new book, if you haven’t actually read it.  And I am sure that most of you have been in some sort of conversations about it somewhere along the line.  You may have noticed that if you have anything praiseworthy to say about Rob Bell and his new book, then your orthodoxy may be suspect in the minds of many evangelicals.  And if you really want to show your orthodoxy, all you have to do is flat-out denounce Bell and his new book.

Is this where we are in evangelicalism today?

Come on, people.

Today I direct your attention to this article by Mark Galli over at Christianity Today, in which he reminds us that Rob Bell and your reaction to him is NOT a litmus test of Christian orthodoxy.  I strongly recommend that you head on over there and check it out.

Read “Rob Bell Is Not a Litmus Test” by Mark Galli