Skye Jethani: Redefining “Radical” Christianity

Last time I linked a post that I wrote over at Life in Mordor where I critiqued the prevalent evangelical use of the story of Joseph:  to say that if you remain faithful to God you will achieve success even if you have to take all sorts of crazy detours to get there.  Today I wish to draw your attention to another post that critiques the evangelical idolatry of success from another angle.

Over at Out of Ur, Skye Jethani critiques the kind of Christianity that we consider “radical”, that says you must be completely sold out to Jesus Christ and show it through a life dedicated to full-time ministry, missions, or Christian activism.  This view elevates the work of the full-time minister or missionary while demeaning the ordinary vocations of those who are not involved in full-time ministry or missions.

Jethani challenges us to redefine our understanding of “radical” Christianity as being firmly rooted in knowing God wherever our situation in life happens to be and whatever we happen to be doing.  (After all, “root” is the original meaning of the word “radical”.)  And if we feel God calling us to leave what we are doing and go do something different, then by all means we should do it.  But this should only come out of knowing God deeply and profoundly, hearing His voice and following the leading of His spirit.