The Monday Melange 06.13.11: Joe Alleva, The NAGAAA

–Aloysius, our Executive Director of Sports Information here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion, is very big into Pac-10 football.  He is a bear, and he does have some pretty strong California ties.  But at the end of the day, he will grudgingly admit the superiority of SEC football.

But every now and then he likes to talk smack to me about it, like when some SEC coach or school administrator says something stupid, something so stupid that it causes you to shake your head in bemusement and perplexity and say, “He didn’t just say that, did he?  Oh snap, he did.”  Like, for instance, when Lane Kiffin accused Florida of cheating a couple of years back.  Like when Nick Saban called agents out as “pimps” last year.  Like when Gordon Gee spoke out in defense of Jim Tressel and said he hoped Tressel wouldn’t dismiss him.  (Whoops.  Wrong conference.)

This week’s monumentally stupid comment comes from LSU athletic director Joe Alleva.  Speaking in defense of the practice of oversigning in college football (which I roundly criticized here a few weeks back), he offered this little bit of moronic-ness:

You’ve got to understand, the elementary education and secondary education in the state of Louisiana is not the best in the world. So we have kids coming out, and we don’t know if they are going to qualify or not. We don’t know if they’re going to get through the NCAA Clearinghouse and be eligible. Same for the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas. Now, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan (the last three being prime Big Ten recruiting pools), they have much better public educational systems for those kids. Kids are coming out better prepared. So a lot of times, you may need to sign 28 to get to 25.

He didn’t just say that, did he?  Oh snap, he did.

OK, so Louisiana’s public education system is not the best in the world.  We knew that already.  I grew up in Louisiana, so I know a lot about that.  Those of you who are from Louisiana know about that as well.

So this guy wants to use that as an excuse to justify the pathetically lame practice of signing more players than you have scholarships for, with the idea that some of them won’t make it academically?  Wow.  What ever happened to just not signing kids who were at risk of not qualifying academically?

This guy used to be athletic director at Duke.  He should know better.

Apparently there is something in the water down in Louisiana that causes people to get stupid.  How else do you explain Huey Long, Edwin Edwards, David Duke, Ray Nagin, the Landrieus (kids: Wikipedia), and all the people who voted for them?

–While we’re on the subject of people saying and/or doing monumentally stupid things:

We here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion do not condone homophobia in any form or fashion.  But when gay people do stupid things, we can’t help but sit back and laugh.  So when this little item came across the wire here, we just couldn’t help rolling on the floor, kicking our feet up in the air, going into contortions, and laughing like maniacs.

The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance has this rule which limits how many people who are not openly gay can play on teams in the Gay Softball World Series.  And a federal judge up in Seattle has ruled that they can keep this rule in place.

How did this come about?  Three bisexual men brought suit against the league because they barred them from playing in the Gay Softball World Series.  One of the opposing teams filed a protest and they were kicked out, based on the rule limiting the number of non-gay members that each team can have.

In other words, they were kicked out because they WERE NOT GAY ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could say I was making this up.  I wish I could say Aloysius was making this up.  Alas, we are not.

To quote from a Seattle Times article on the case:

During the game, the manager of another team filed a protest under the rule that limits the number of non-gay players. The men contend they were brought, one at a time, into a room containing as many as 25 people and questioned about their sexual preferences.

The panel members then voted on whether they men were gay or “non-gay.” Several ballots were held, and the men said the process was humiliating.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we were to try to start a straight-only softball league with strict limits on the number of gay players who can participate on each team?  Or if any of the professional sports leagues, which for so long have preached tolerance and handed out massive fines for anything remotely resembling an anti-gay slur, were to suddenly reverse field and say “Sorry.  No gays allowed here”?

Come on, people.  Aloysius says that what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.