Now Playing at Life in Mordor: Joseph and the Amazing Evangelical Obsession

Because I am all about shameless self-promotion, I would like to direct your attention to another post that I have up over at Life in Mordor.  This one is called “Joseph and the Amazing Evangelical Obsession“, and it is all about how evangelicals are infatuated with how Joseph remains faithful to God despite all the crazy detours of his life journey and achieves success (or blessing, or breakthrough, or whatever you care to call it) at the end.  This is not a proper understanding of this story.  The proper understanding is that God has a plan for the redemption of humanity, Joseph had a unique part to play in that plan, and he played it.

While you are over at Life in Mordor, check out the writings of Mike F and Clark Bunch.  They are every bit as good as, if not better than, what you find here.  Look under “The Fellowship” at the top of the right sidebar, and it will show you the last three posts of each author.  If you click on their names, you will see a list of all the posts they have written.  And if you want to see more of what I have written over there, click on my name and you will see all the posts I have written there.