Now Playing at Life in Mordor: Can You Find God in Nature?

Today I wish to direct your attention to a post that I have up over at Life in Mordor, the blog of Mike Frizzell where I have the opportunity to appear regularly as a guest contributor.  I do this because, as you surely all know (if you didn’t know it before then you know it now), I am all about shameless self-promotion.  Doesn’t one have to have a certain amount of the shameless self-promotion gene in order to pass muster as a blogger anyway?

At any rate, the post is called “Can You Find God in Nature?”  This post is directed at those of you who say that you commune with God through nature or that you feel closer to God in nature.  Question:  What about earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, pestilence, etc.?  All of these are part of nature too.  The heavens declare the glory of God, but what sort of God do they tell of?  There are as many different answers to this as there are people, and if you sit around just looking at stars or pretty flowers or majestic mountain splendor, you will not get a straight answer to this question.  It takes faith to see the goodness of God in nature.  This faith does not come about as a result of anything you do; it is entirely a gift of God.