Easter: An End to Death

One of the certainties of life in this universe is that at some point, you will die.

Even if medical science figures out a way to prolong human life so that you do not die, the earth will still die at some point in the future.  Either it will get swallowed up inside the sun in a few billion years when the sun becomes a red giant, or it will get hit by a comet and get jarred from its orbit and go flying out into deep space where it is WAY too cold for life of any variety to survive.

And even if we are able by that point to master the intricacies of interstellar travel and find another planet somewhere else in the universe that is capable of supporting human life, even there death will catch up with us.  Because eventually the universe will fly apart and cool off to a point where there is no molecular motion and it is nothing more than a vast cloud of particles just sitting there in the depths of space.

In the end, death is the final word throughout all of this universe.

Well, it was.

Until one man came to earth and died.

But this was no ordinary man.  This was Jesus Christ, the Son of God, fully man and fully God.  Because he was God, death could not hold him.  Three days later, he was up and walking around again.

And because of this, all who are identified with Christ will rise to newness of life.  Death is no longer the final word in our universe.