Quick Hit: “Here For You”?

The latest Passion album is out now, and it is called “Here For You”.

What is meant by that title?

There are two ways they could go with this.  The first is “We are here for You, Lord.  We are thoroughly committed to You, sold out to You, on fire for You.  We love You more than life itself, more than the air we breathe.”

Evangelicalism is rife with these big, bad, bodacious declarations of faith.  We just can’t say enough about how committed, how dedicated, how sold-out we are to God.  But is it true?  I may have my moments where I feel like that once in a while, but if that is the standard for where I am supposed to be in my Christian life all the time, then I am fucked, and I’d like to meet the person who isn’t.

The other is this:  “Jesus is here for you.  Even when your heart has wandered far away, He is still here for you.  Even when you’re not committed enough, not dedicated enough, not sold-out enough, and don’t even want to be, He is here for you.  All of the benefits that Jesus gained through His death on the cross are here, and they are for you.”

I honestly hope it’s the second, and not the first.