First Week of Lent: Breathe

Today I would like to take us back.  Back, back, back…  All the way to the Garden of Eden.

First God created the universe and everything in it.  All except for one thing.  So he came down into the world that he created.

At this point you should be saying:  Timeout.  How does the God who created the whole entire universe get down into the world that he created, a world that, from his perspective, is no bigger than the head of a pin, if that?  This Christianity thing sure is freaky.  Rod Sterling doesn’t have anything on you people.

Be that as it may, the upshot is that God realized that the universe that he created was missing one thing.  So he went just outside the garden and started scooping dirt.

Fast forward a bit.  Now we have the finished man, lying there lifeless.  He has not yet taken a breath.  He has not yet done anything.  He is just lying there, waiting for the breath of God to enter his lungs.

Folks, that is what we are.  We are not bad people who need to be made good, or good people who need to be made better.  We are dead people who need to be brought to life.  And we will not be anything different from that until the breath of God passes into us.  We cannot do anything to influence this.  All we can do is receive it.

And then, God breathed into the man’s nostrils.  And he breathed out the breath that God breathed into him.  And in that instant he came to life.